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Accredited and Certified by IADC DIT USA (Fire and industrial Engineering Under Category Health Safety Environment) Combo Package
Internationally accredited Certified Course. Eligible for Jobs In India and Abroad
Program Details:

Invotech is the only organization in Asia Pacific to achieve International accreditation for Advanced Diploma for Fire & Safety program by IADC USA along with direct certification. In India and Middle East we have very large number of job openings in different cadres in safety management. Fire safety backup will only provide a protection against loss of material and human resources. You can take up any or combo courses whenever you want, like right after matriculation to any graduation. Thousands of our students employed globally and drawing hand some salaries with good perks. On completion of Fire Safety courses, you are eligible to work in both private and government sectors in India/Abroad as Safety officers/Engineers/Supervisors/Managers.
The areas where you can get employed as safety officer/engineer/manager are Railways, Airports Authority of India, Defense forces, mines, Petrochemical complexes, C.I.S.F., ONGC, Electricity Boards, refineries, municipal bodies, steel plants, oil and gas, Rigs, Construction Industry, petrochemical, pharma, agriculture, dock yards and many other organizations. Since safety is the major concern for most of the organizations, so they prefer hiringsafety personnel adept with adequate skills. Not only this, you may also opt for an entrepreneurial career by becoming a Fire Surveyor of Fire Consultant. Alternatively you can also get into a business line of safety equipment, fire equipment, installation of fire detection and manufacturer of safety and suppression system.

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