Integrated Roughneck Derrickman Roustabout

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What does a Roustabout/Roughneck do?

Roustabouts undertake the tasks that help to maintain the drilling area. These include:
• Cleaning, scraping and painting the deck, equipment and work areas
• Offloading supplies from boats and moving them to storage areas
• Moving supplies and equipment to the work site
• Using lifting gear and winches to load and stack equipment
• General work in the pump room, for example helping to repair mud pumps
• Mixing and conditioning the lubricants ('drilling mud') for the drill bit.
Most of the work is carried out under the supervision of a lead roustabout.
Roughnecks carry out more skilled duties related to the actual drilling operation:
• Adding fresh lengths of drill pipe as the drill moves deeper into rock
• Inserting and extracting the whole drill
• Cleaning, maintaining and repairing the drilling equipment
• Using lifting gear, ropes and winches to carry out the above tasks.
Most of the work is carried out under supervision of an assistant driller.

What does it take to become a Roustabout/Roughneck?

To be a roustabout or roughneck you should:
• Have good practical skills
• Be able to live and work as a member of a team
• Be prepared to live and work away from home
• Be assertive and able to follow instructions
• Be aware of health and safety issues
• Be physically fit
• Be willing to learn
• Have basic computer skills for recording information.
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