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This course is designed within the parameters of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, REGULATION 851. INDUSTRIAL ESTABLISHMENTS as it pertains to overhead crane safety.
Program Details:

The Overhead Crane safety course from Invotech Precision Engineers is an OHSA based program that teaches about the various types of overhead cranes, pre-operation inspection, overall equipment features, safe operation procedures and hazard avoidance. The course is available on line or at the employer site. On completion individual certifications are awarded.

Course Outline:
• Course Introduction
• Related Government legislation
• Overhead Crane Training Safety Video
• Responsibilities of the workers, supervisors and employers
• Training Presentation
• Inspection
• Safe Crane Use
• Handheld Remote Control

Overhead Crane Training Safety Tips

Fatalities or serious injuries can occur if overhead cranes are not inspected and properly used. Fatalities may also occur when workers are struck by a load, or pinched between the load and another object.

The following are some safety tips for overhead crane operators to follow while operating the crane and moving the load:

  • Do not engage in any activity that will divert your attention.
  • Do not lift, lower, or transport a load with the crane or hoist until all personnel are clear of the load and the load’s path.
  • Verify that the load, crane and hoist will clear all obstacles before moving or rotating the load.
  • Do not move loads over personnel.
  • Do not lift, lower, or transport personnel by means of the crane, hoist, trolley, hoist hook, or load.
  • Slowly inch the hook into engagement with the load to eliminate wire rope slack and reduce impact loading of the crane and hoist.
  • Avoid unnecessary inching and quick reversals of direction.
  • Lift the load only a few inches to verify that the hoist braking system is functioning properly before continuing with the lift.
  • Avoid swinging of the load or hoist hook when the bridge trolley or hoist is traveling.


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